Votium Voting Bribe for Curve Gauge

This post is a continuation of the discussion that started on the previous forum and is for bribing curve votes. As the contracts necessary for the curve pool are finalized and added into the UI, it is time to discuss the exact token amounts to give monthly for bribes. There is no minimum or maximum to give, but it is wise to begin small and scale up to see what the cost of attracting the liquidity is and what it is priced at to see if it is worth continuing. There is a necessity for a net positive on whatever liquidity is attracted into the protocol to make sure the expenditures are worth it and this is easily computable by subtracting the incentive amount spent from the fees collected and adjusting for the liquidity in the Curve pool. The formula of this would be (r*(c/t)-e) where r=fees received, c=curve pool liquidity, t=total liquidity, and e=expense for incentives. If this number is > 0 then the program is clearly working and should be continued and possibly scaled up. My initial idea is to do $50k/mo for 1-2 months for USDC/USDT/DAI pools and compute the results at the end of the period. Please feel free to comment on potency, reward incentive amount, time length of the program, or how to gauge when it is worth it to continue or expand.


Makes sense overall. Starting small also means we benefit from (hopefully) price appreciation of OOKI and have to spend less in Ooki terms as things go on.

I assume you mean $50k per month in bribes - ie, $25k every two week voting period, which is fine. Should hopefully get us a few million in stablecoin liquidity which is fine for now - it’s not a TVL competition - that’s (mostly) a vanity metric. We can always increase it as needed.

We should also keep in mind the calculation of whether this is worth it isn’t purely a mathematical one. Even if the fees earned by Ooki platform don’t offset the money spent on bribes, we need to maintain a certain minimum amount of liquidity (a few million or so) so that anyone - especially big traders who come to check out the platform when there is new publicity, advertisement or new features like PL and Pro are announced - can find enough liquidity when they come to check the platform out.

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make sense to me. ill agree on this proposal

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This I agree with. The big thing on Ethereum is even though we have a few million dollars in TVL on the active pools, the ones who use Ethereum need more than that to execute borrows and trades so we are not a competitive source. If we can bring in liquidity to meet those numbers then it is fine.

Yes, $50k for 1 month so $25 every 2 weeks

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