Use Treasury to buyback some P125 and restore credibility

I propose using the Treasury to buyback some of the issued P125 in order to restore credibility and have the old users engage again with the platform.

This approach worked successfully with Cream Finance, which was hacked for a much larger amount just a few days before BzX.

Failure to do so will result in a negative spiral that causes the whole project to sink. No matter how hard the Community tries to convince P125 holders that they will be compensated at some point and that their interests are aligned with the platform, they will feel treated unequally, never engage with the platform again, and ultimately act to harm the project. The reputational damage will be irrecoverable.


I support this proposal , DAO should use some funds to buy back P125 as long as its helthy for the treasury of course , this way P125 holders will have some available liquidity which I’m sure most will put back into the Ooki platform

Has an individual and early user of the platform who lost funds due to a dev mistake, I agee with this proposal. After 2 months, the price of the debt token has not increased and is paying at about 5 cents a dolar. Ooki needs to take action and show they care about their users.

From my point of view there are 2 options. Either (i) we sell some treasury and buy back the debt token or (ii) we swap the debt token for ooki so the affected individuals get both the exposure to the risk of failure and the benefit of the success of the protocol.

We can’t abandon our clients. It can’t be an option. Users who lost funds need to be repaied asap and we are failing on doing so.

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the soon P125 token holders are satisfied the better , this way the fud and complaint will stop and will let the project grow , also it will send a message that the project treath every one equaly and there is no double standarts. The more the issue is delayed the worsen it will became , the complaints and the fud will be a lot more. you can not expect P125 holders to feel part of the project when they are left behind and not threated equaly