Unstaking bZx and migrating to Ooki

Hello there, I’m a long-time bZx staker and I understand I should migrate to Ooki. However, the bZx staking website is offline. How do I unstake my tokens so I can migrate to Ooki?


Hi ThiccMasterpiece,

You can unstake from here: Crypto Margin Trading with Fulcrum | bZx

Then head over here to migrate:

If you have any further support questions feel free to hit us up on the support chat on the bottom right of our webpages :blush:

Ps: great name, can definitely relate

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Thank you! Much appreciate the prompt and clear answer. Went through the steps and now staking on Ooki :pray: I hope now this topic can now serve others in case there are some in a similar situation.

Ps: lol :slight_smile: +1 for sure. As Sir Isaac Newton said…

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