UnoRe- Partnership proposal

Hey team,
How’s it going

I represent UnoRe, a DeFi insurance platform where users can deposit assets to earn yield from underwriting insurance premiums. We aim to offer the following:

  1. Provide general smart contract vulnerability coverage for your platform
  2. Launch an insurance pool on UnoRe to establish liquidity to offer insurance in a capital efficient way.

Our services also include offering smart contract coverage on DEX, LP, Pools, farms, lending. This is to protect protocols from the ever-increasing cyber-attacks/hacks.

Project links- @unoreinsure | Twitter, Instagram | Linktree

So, we would like to provide Ooki with Smart Contract Coverage and discuss other synergies where your project can benefit from UnoRe’s services.

What are the conditions on the agreement? what amount of liquidity you’re looking into?

hey, we firstly look into how much of the TVL we are able to cover and based on that we fix a premium which ranges from around 2-5% of the TVL. this is usually reduced tho and is of course negotiable.

would love to arrange a call sometime next week; to discuss the doubts and benefits of co-marketing as well.