Trading and Staking on a new cross chain

This proposal is aimed at launching on a new cross-chain which is launching in the next couple of weeks. This proposal is aimed at dealing with a few of the issues that OOKI has with the current set-up and will help with increasing exposure at the same time. This new chain has the following features:

  • Nominated Proof of Stake Blockchain customized for our needs in the DeFi space
  • Fork-less upgrades for seamless updates and long term sustainability
  • Capacity for 1,500 transfers per second
  • 6 second blocktime
  • Cheap transaction fees
  • Decentralised Community Governance via on-chain Staking and Voting
  • Fully operational Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) with custom built dashboard to cater to those more familiar with Eth based projects
  • Substrate interoperability
  • BSC-bridge shortly after launch (more bridges to follow)
  • Community Treasury to fund expansion of the platform
  • Substrate and EVM Explorer
  • Transaction (gas) fee distribution:
    50% to liquidity providers 20% burnt 20% to Community Treasury 10% distributed to holders of our unique Chain NFTs

With the impressive features listed, there are a few features not listed above which may not be relevant so I have left them out. They do have a ‘playground’ for dapps to crash test their own programmes before moving onto the live chain, akin to the Kusama and Dot chain. The team have a lot of features they plan to roll out in the future, such as a launchpad, NFT market place, wallet-to-wallet trading to name a few. They are very ambitious and have a great team behind them. I think a great plus for OOKI to capitalise on is the 50% transaction fee to liquidity providers.

You can check it out here for more info:

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