Ribbon DAO Covered Call Strategy to Diversify OOKI Treasury

hm I don’t wanna argue a lot @okgoogle , lets keep our disscusion civil. can you state:

  1. what are my selfish goals?
  2. how covered call works?
  3. how does private auctions have anything todo with covered call option strategy?
  4. what are you proposing really instead?
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if u have eyes and rly don’t understand, answers on all of ur 4 questions already have been explained above.
i’m not ur babysitter especially when u don’t want to understand and ask such stupid questions like “how covered call works?”. RLy, why the f… u push so if u don’t understand how it works and ask me about this? so do U support proposal that u don’t understand?

Rly, I’m not going to talk friendly with kind of people that ask me why white color is white, or why water is water…

" how does private auctions have anything todo with covered call option strategy?" and rly are u so stupid? or u think other so stupid?

Just know 1 thing. If u (no matter who) will approve this proposal, be sure, i will spend 1 hour and make video about scam. Cuz it’s fucking scam proposal. I’m tired to select and filter words and be friendly

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I will repeat once again
u don’t need to cooperate with 3rd party companies like Ribbon… u can just unlock 5 million $ in ooki, and just sell them on next pump = same strategy, same effect 1:1.
I don’t understand why do u try to fool everybody. Do u think u are so clever and other so stupid? No u aren’t.

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Selling at current prices does not look like a good plan, no yield generation on assets would be created, and the treasury would not be diversified also. Selling does not look like a good plan for the longer term, right ?

if u need money u can sell ur organs for diversifying, why not? or just rob someone, why not? What are u talking about, about no principal yield?

your behaviour isnt good. this is a discussion forum, not to attack a proposal. you discribed why you disagree. but on all proposals there are pro’s and con’s. you definitely see only the cons, which makes it hard to discuss.

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Snapshot is live and voting starts tomorrow: Snapshot

So in the responses above, we have 3 people in favor (roman, cryptosteve and Badri) and 3 people against (okGoogle and mpallien and kuspaar). I thought to get a proposal to vote you had to get clear support for a proposal in the forum. Does this mean any proposal going forward gets to a vote so long as it’s 50/50 yes and nos?

Good question! I think this isn’t stated in the rules expliciet. How i read the rules in the OOKI docs, I see it as follow:
The forum is for the discussion. If everybody is against it it shouldn’t be up for a vote. but if some people agree on it (it doesnt matter if its 50/50 or 70/30). it could always up for a snapshot vote to look what the actual OOKI holders are thinking about it with an agree or disagree. if the snapshot vote is positive there should be an onchain vote to actual make it happen. If negative there should be a discussion about adjustements or leave the proposal for what it is and move on to the next one


I am against it. Why to sell them tokens at such discounted price when others (us) to have bought at much higher one.

First achieve our own goals of staking, polygon chain crossover (Ether has very high prices for withdrawal). Then look for tie ups. Make house strong then look beyond.

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Based on a few comments here discussing being against the proposal because it relates to selling tokens, I think there is some confusion on what a covered call vault strategy is. I recommend reading the docs https://docs.ribbon.finance/ to get up to speed as a good source for understanding.

The tokens allocated to the covered call vault from the ooki DAO Treasury remain part of the vault and are used to generate apy monthly. The tokens are only used as part of an options market making strategy to earn yield.

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Ooki have a debt with their users. If this initiative passes out, the buy back of p125 tokens need to be addressed properly inside the proposal. If not what message are we sending? Let me answer, we are telling everybody that if someone losses their tokens due to an insiders error he/she will be alone. If ooki wants to succeed needs to have the community support. Imposible to achieve without the p125 buyback. The call strategy can be the answer to that.

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I agree. I propose to use all the income for the P125 buyback in order to restore some credibility and be backed by the community.

Otherwise, the action will just reinforce the message that the DAO is trying to milk the last drops from a sinking boat.

The funds generated by the strategy can be used for a variety of different purposes. A proposal can be submitted in the forum and DAO vote on how to allocate funds. However imo this proposal should be limited in scope to approving DAO Treasury to allocate to the strategy. A second proposal could be made to evaluate how to use the proceeds from the strategy.

Source and destination are a cohesive topic. I don’t see why the destination cannot be voted altogether, other than the fact that debt user cannot create a proposal and are not represented in the DAO.

Every proposal can be broken down into infinite ones.
I have seen far longer and broader proposal and this separation sets a (bad) precedent imo.