{RFC/ Temp Check] - Let's Build!


My name is Nate, I have a young studio and we are eager to build. It would be an honor to do so with Ooki at the core of it. This post is to gather community feedback with the goal of being submitted for voting. I was paging through some of the DAO’s history, I saw that many of you have been here since the very beginning which was cool to see.

Below I have included some visual samples and a likely roadmap that we would like to pursue. I propose a month by month payment of $10,000 which is the cost of one developer from your omnibus program or we can do $25,000 a quarter. We will submit for renewal roughly the one to two weeks before it’s time so that we can reevaluate.

If approved this money would be used to:

  1. host another front end plugged into your contracts with a badge stating “built on Ooki” with links to your UI, discord, and docs. We will still include our branding, this will act as another outlet to attract users to the protocol
  2. release a feature/product each month/quarter
  3. share/ push all releases to you on github allowing you to add or fork.
  4. we will apply for grants elsewhere to accelerate building with Ooki as home base.

We do have plans to launch a token called Vibes down the line and Ooki DAO would receive 1% of the overall token supply for each month we are funded up to 20% for seeding our development.

Here is a proposed roadmap for your consideration.

–May, we will use the money to fork and host and another ooki ui and integration your contracts as described above, deploy flash loan contracts so that over time we can fill the Ooki lending platform and offer advanced strategies.

–June, Release a 1 to 1 mintable stable coin via an ERC 4626 vault to be yield earning when holding the coin. This stable coin will accept multiple forms of collateral including your iusdc and idai.

Q3 2023, build and release erc 4626 vault factory with inputs for various strategies allowing us tooffer a yield farm with many possibilities. This includes minting the stable coin by vaulting Ooki token like a CDP.

Q4 2023 Build Tve-Tokenomics which is a 24 hour crypto experience evolving
vetokenomics, network with projects, daos, grants, to stir up engagement bringing them
to the protocol.

Q1 2024 release tv tokenomics, during this time build easy-embeds for tv tokenomics, ooki
lending, the stable coin, yield farm, and any other products that we offer at that time so
that incoming builders can copy and paste a defi platform together.
Q2 2024 Flash swap, transaction bundling, zaps like recipes tool

Q3 2024 Build on the flash swap tool to let average users market make and profit through
advanced routing using bellman ford algo. The will work as a market making system to
help new chains/ protocols maintain healthy pools
Q4 2024 Desktop web based workspace/ battle station bringing many protocols to one site
so that they dont have to jump around and thus keeping users attention.

Q1 2025 top secret
Q2 2025 top secret
**then prep for crypto winter, continue top secret

This will all be built with Ooki at the center of it. Here are some early mock ups:

About us
We hope to solves “crypto’s last mile” problem. I have been in crypto since 2015 and believe that we need to show the value of crypto rather than verbally describe an abstract world. I plan to contribute to the industry for the next 25 years as part of this hive mind that is all working towards a common purpose. I can dox to core members in good spirits.

I hope to build and empower the community as much as possible, as well as experiment in new concepts in the safest ways. WHAT?! has another cofounder who is exploring ways to use data science and machine learning as we build out tools for the average person. We are a young studio with a couple developers at this point. Please join us as we document humankind’s first steps as a new digital species.

I will be available to answer questions here or in discord. Thanks!

withdrawn, can you tell me what about this is unappealing?

I’m about to take the world by storm and the entire point of this industry is to integrate and build on each other. Yet, people seem to brush on the fact that an entire protocol with a team is willing to build on their project for the cost of one developer.

I keep turning down VC investment to do it as a community founded project to protect users, but due to time I may have to take those offers.

What am I missing?

Hi Nate, have some patience for community feedback please. It can help you to improve your proposal and the services that support it.