Railgun privacy protocol integration and deployment

Hi all,

Railgun is a privacy protocol on Ethereum and Polygon which would enable Ooki traders to trade with 100% privacy. This integration is in exploratory phase. The protocol will enable high alpha strategies to remain private from other users, in order to maintain profitability and prevent copying by other traders.

Railgun is a DAO and would offer liquidity incentives and deployment incentives if Ooki submitted an application. Depending on community interest in this integration, the Railgun integration priority can be increased or decreased. The extent to which this deployment is prioritized and the technical requirements are still under discussion.

More information on the Railgun privacy protocol :


What are your thoughts on having the Railgun privacy protocol integrated ?

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i think this makes perfect sense if it’s built-in with a marketable product like copy/paste features that was made earlier so it allows for people to “Sell” their trades. Otherwise, by itself, privacy won’t drive significant TV.

Also, and I don’t think this needs to be said: it makes sense for the main focus to be on Limit Orders, Permissionless Listings (PL), and increasing the speed that which pairs can be voted and added (OOKI price feed via API3 example). PL is still on phase 0.5, so we likely won’t see anything in production until +next year.

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I like it, and I support the proposal.
It would be great to have copytrade and railgun features. It is another way to differentiate ourselves from the market