QUESTIONS in general for the OokiDAO core team,

Hi everybody,

If you have any questions for the OoiDAO core team, please post your questions here. Our team will try to respond as soon as possible.

You can also drop your questions in the Telegram chat : Telegram: Contact @OokiTrade

Or PM me at Frank010011001, this is my TG handle.

The goal is to have every single question answered and to give feedback to our community the best way we can by providing transparency and the best user experience of our protocol possible.

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How is the following subjects going?
1- Permissionless Listing. Are we still in the 0 - 0,5 phase?
2- Moonbeam chain integration
3- Balancer
4- Railgun integration
5- liquidity grants: those Ooki didn’t pass, is it still options?
6- updates: Evmos and wstETH

Thank you in advance

  1. Permissionless listing is being designed at the moment. If you are referring to itoken collateral that is currently being reviewed and is targeted to be deployed as soon as possible. Once deployed an on-chain vote is needed for upgrading the protocol. This will include the ability to utilize iTokens as collateral for borrowing and an easier process for adding assets as collateral.
  2. Moonbeam integration is not being targeted at the moment as there has been no DAO initiative to do it. If this is desired, a forum post can be written for this and can be discussed from there. Ideally, it would be great to include why Moonbeam is a good chain to launch on, the potential market to tap into, the growth prospects of the chain, etc.
  3. Balancer integration for margin trades is currently under development. It is not the highest priority task but is on the queue of tasks.
  4. The railgun proposal was never finalized so work was not commenced on integration.
  5. Evmos integration is still a work in progress and will be announced once the deployment is live. wstETH integration in terms of the contracts is under review at the moment and is being pushed for deployment once all parts are ready. As this nears an announcement is likely to occur surrounding the support of it as a new collateral asset and the margin trading pair associated.
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