Proposal to add "Pay with OOKI" option enabling OOKI to pay for platform fees

Ooki users currently pay for platform fees using the token that is being traded. This proposal would add the ability for Ooki users to “Pay with OOKI”.

“Pay with OOKI” would enable users to pay for platform fees (trading and borrowing fees) using OOKI token. It would also incentivize using “Pay with OOKI” to pay for platform fees (trading and borrowing fees) by giving users a discount when using OOKI instead of the token used for the trading pair.

This feature would be available initially on BSC, Polygon, and Arbitrum.


great! i support it. it’s an extra usecase for ooki

Yes, let’s do it. This use of token is used on different exchanges, if i’m not mistaken. I support it

I like this and would like to add that it would be cool to burn some of this ooki received as payment

I support this idea!

I agree with this proposal

I support this proposal

This adds another sink to the OOKI and a use case for the token. I support this proposal.

These are the types of use cases we are looking for, so that it becomes more interesting to buy/hold OOKI. I support this proposal.

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Yeah, good one, i’m in