Proposal: “Renting” bots through OOKI protocol

This proposal is to allow Ooki trader to be able to get the best bots on crypto just paying some fees about their benefits. Ooki platform could provide some “expensive” or not usual bots that can be used by the Ooki trader which has a certain amount of Ooki tokens on their wallets and rent them just paying a percentage of their bot-trade benefits.


Depending on how many Ooki tokens you have in your wallet you can use:
Basic bot = None
Bot X = 100K Ooki tokens
Bot Y = 500K Ooki tokens
Bot Z = 1M Ooki tokens

Depending on how many Ooki tokens you have in your wallet you pay from your benefits of every trade-bot:

60% = none
40% = 100K Ooki tokens
30% = 500K Ooki tokens
10% = 1M Ooki tokens

(these figures are just an example)

This bot feature also came with bot statistics from Ooki traders to choose the best option and allow to every Ooki trader/user platform know what the best choice could be

All these trade fees would be distributed to the holders who have staked on the platform, the 100% of the trade-bot benefits, to increase the value of OOKI token and therefore the value of the Ooki Treasury

I’ve never use a bot, I always have some doubts but if I find recommendations from the DAO and stats in the platform it could be a good choice.
What do you think about this idea? Could it be a good one or you think is not posible or insubstantial for the platform?