Proposal: Preparation of Historical Financials

Proposal to prepare historical financial statements to guide Ooki community when making decisions around treasury management (yield strategies, diversification, etc.), operating expenses (FT salary, contributor rewards, etc.) and cash runway

All leading tradfi companies have a historical financial statements. They use them to assess past financial performance, but also as a foundation to build a near-term budget and a long-term forecast. I wanted to get a temperature check from the community to see if there was interest in the preparation of the historical financial statements. As DAOs mature, the financial best practices should mirror those of their centralized counter-parts off-chain, and given a likely prolonged bear market, the DAOs that have the clearest sense of their financials are the ones that are most likely to survive and be positioned for next bull cycle

Qualifications / Background
Sam Bronstein:
Jordan Stastny:

Jordan and I both spent 7 years in M&A investment banking, working with leading tech companies like Slack, LinkedIn, Qualtrics, Glassdoor, Mailchimp, and many others. In this capacity, we not only advised them on M&A, but worked with their finance teams to help put in place high-quality financial infrastructure around their historical financial statements, short-term budget, and long-term forecast. We are currently 100% focused on FP&A and M&A advisory in crypto, and we think we have a uniquely suited background to help DAOs get their financials in place

As it relates to compensation if this is something that the community is interested in, depending on the scope, we would propose a grant between $5k - $20k. We’re confident that once people see the work we do, the value of this exercise would become clear, so to the extent people are interested in this exercise, we’d love to find a grant amount that people are supportive of

Looking forward to hearing any feedback / thoughts!