Proposal: ooki design to be open source


I’m not sure how ooki code structure is. If it have template structure, I hope Ooki will make it open source so people can redesign it.

Highest vote by community, the template design will be implement and the designer will get some token as a gratitude.

If Ooki code structure have no template structure, there will be 2 options:

A) make whole ooki as open source
B) ooki need to self implement the design

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The only and single reason OOKI is not open sourcing its UI is to make a harder life for the UI scammers to replicate our site. This is common across other protocols as well. Would love to hear more community feedback


yea i agree with @notroman :crossed_fingers:t2:

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That is a solid arguement especially considering the recent Curve UI copy-hack.

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