Proposal: Ooki DAO supplying OOKI liquidity for the Celer Bridge

Ooki has plans to integrate with Celer’s interoperability protocol to enable fee bridging across all Ooki’s different blockchain deployments. The goal of integrating with Celer’s protocol is to enable fees generated on all non-Ethereum chains flow to Polygon in the form of USDC. Following the integration of Celer into the Ooki protocol, all fees generated from margin trading, borrowing, and lending will be converted into USDC and sent to the fee controller on Polygon.

In order to facilitate this integration, bridge liquidity is required in the amount of $50k per chain for (eth, polygon, and arbitrum). This proposal would approve $150k in OOKI tokens to use for liquidity across 3 chains. As with any liquidity pool, this liquidity can be removed and reclaimed by Ooki. As a result this $150k in OOKI tokens are not being sold and will not be converted. They will remain OOKI tokens and will also earn fees from providing bridge liquidity.

I support the proposal

great. i support this proposal!

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I am in support for it. as a side effect the DAO will earn small fees from providing liquidity to the bridge

150k Ooki at which price ? If at current price, do it now before Ooki price reaches 0,00001 and eat all the supply

I support ooki till the end of everything always and forever.