Proposal: Integrating cross-chain zaps to OOKI

I am Egor from Symbiosis.

Here’s a brief info: Symbiosis is a multi-chain liquidity protocol backed by Blockchain com, Binance Labs, Amber Group, Spartan and more. We recently launched our mainnet with 6 EVM networks, adding Solana next month.

Here’s brief info how it works: You can swap any to any tokens in one click. For example, BUSD BEP20 to 1inch AVAX.

Also, we have our new feature - cross-chain zaps (Symbiosis). I think that this one could be interesting for you! It allows you to add liquidity in DeFi protocols just in one click from any chain and any token. For example, if a user has UNI ERC-20, he can easily add liquidity to a pool on Fantom in just one click in his wallet. You can read how it works:
Cross-chain Zaps - Symbiosis

We have our own SDK and API.

Can we discuss any integration opportunities with you? :slightly_smiling_face:

i think this is a good integration for the ooki protocol. if im correct the devs where already brainstorming about this with the celer bridge. its cool if any developer can jump in this discussion.

Cool! We can tell you more about it. We can keep discussing on telegram if you want :slight_smile:

Hi there! This seems like an interesting proposal. From scrolling through your site, it seems like the integration would show on your site as a source and destination for a zap? If so this is something that would definitely be interesting to look at for setting up. The integration would likely only work for lending assets but is something that would be a great addition it seems. We are currently deployed on Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Arbitrum, and Optimism by the way. Please contact either Chris or Paris on Telegram (they are both admins on the Ooki Telegram chat) to set up communication. Thanks