Proposal : Change Voting systeme

The call for a vote on whether to integrate the ape token into trading is almost 2 months old and still nothing. And is look like the “hype” for Ape coin has gone. We’ve lost a good opportunity, but well, let’s learn from it. And adapt.

What can explain that we are so slow on the implementation?

Didn’t the vote not get enough votes?

It’s opaque. Maybe the voting system should then be reviewed.

Maybe if people propose a project idea accompanied by a certain amount of Ooki, which can be the average amount of tokens used for votes so far. Maybe their proposal must be validated “de facto”.

This could allow the Dao to move forward with people who want to see it grow, since ultimately there are only a handful of people who bring the project to life.

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Hi Xaya,

It seems like APE/USD was just recently added by the Chainlink folks a few weeks back (pic below, 4/20), so I imagine this an issue of obtaining reliable price feeds.

I made a post here to obtain data feeds from API3. If the listing of new tokens is due to not obtaining reliable price feeds, API3 partners will be able to spin up a price feed very quickly. According to one of our partners, Amberdata, listing new price feeds could be done within a day’s time, usually.

So, here’s a post to get other new price feeds and listings. Definitely, curious to get your and the community’s feedback so I can follow along accordingly.


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