Proposal: Bug Bounty Program with Immunefi

Hello Ooki team,

Joe from Immunefi; web3’s leading bug bounty platform. (

I am reaching out today for a partnership between Immunefi and Ooki.

We will help create/review a BBP and connect your project to 7000 whitehat hackers specifically in the web3 space. During the launch and in an event of a critical vulnerability, we will help with co-marketing and communication to the Ooki community and the crypto space.

We have no onboarding/maintenance fee. 100% performance-based fee.

Looking forward to your team’s feedback!

great, i support this!

Interesting proposal!

What is required from the DAO for this to proceed?

Can you share more on the performance based fees?

We would need to speak to anyone from the DAO that would have to be involved; decision-maker, marketing, tech. Initial meeting would be to share what we do and of course learning more about Ooki.

The performance-based fee is 10%. If a project selects a $100k payout for a critical vulnerability and it was validated, the project would pay $100k to the whitehat, and an additional $10k to Immunefi. We don’t have any fee besides that. Payouts are determined by the project.

I’d like to set up a meeting with the Ooki team. If you can DM your contact info, I’d like to set up a time to connect!

I’m in favour of this proceeding.

No upfront costs, more exposure for our security bounty, seems a win:win.

Please jump onto our discord to discuss further with the DAO employees so we can establish a precise proposal to put forward here.

Great! I just joined in on the discord and posted on the general chat.

good to see this being sorted out so quickly