Proposal: BlockWallet wallet connect integration and cross-marketing


Hello everyone, my name is Philip Manokhin, I’m leading Business Development at BlockWallet ( A couple of words about us - our team is building the most private non-custodial web3 wallet. We are similar to Metamask in a lot of ways, except we provide our users with added layers of privacy and security. This is reflected in our wallet functionality:

  • Built-in mixers for funds on Ethereum (more chains are coming soon!)
  • Built-in MEV protection
  • IP protection
  • Much more to come

BlockWallet is going to become available for the public on February 28th. Below, you can find my proposal to integrate BlockWallet into Ooki, as well as to perform some cross-marketing to support our integration.


I propose Integrating BlockWallet inside the Connect Wallet button (see attached). From a technical perspective, this task is very simple and requires little dev effort.

As far as marketing goes, we would be open to many different activities, including but not limited to:

  • Twitter posts and retweets
  • Full Medium articles
  • Co-hosting Twitter spaces for Q&A
  • We are always open to more ideas!

BlockWallet is ready to involve our following channels:

  • Twitter: 32.1K followers
  • Telegram: 27.7K members
  • Discord: 1.6K members