Partnership Proposal

Hi there,

I’m McMarty from Tokenik , and we’d love to talk with your team about a possible partnership meant to help your project increase its liquidity and users base.

About Tokenik
Tokenik is a one-stop multi-Dapp platform that rewards users, projects, and liquidity providers by creating the world’s first Reward Farming DEX with cash incentives.

Built-in DeFi dApps
• Token Swap • $NIK & $RNIK Staking
• Perpetual Trading • Limit Orders
• Tokenik Wallet • Portfolio Rebalancing
• LP Staking Farms. • NFT Escrow
• Lending • Options Trading
• Token Bridge • Tokenik Safe

Our first Partner is the audit firm Solidity Finance. They also audited our contracts.

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When would be the best time to set a call to discuss it more?

Tokenik Team -

Hi McMarty,

Please elaborate on your proposal. It is not clear from your post what kind of partnership this should be. What exactly is it about? What should this partnership look like? What is the benefit of this partnership? etc.

Only when there is a concrete proposal can the community discuss whether it is worth it or not. Thx

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Hi TomBurns,

Thank you very much for your answer.

We’d love to find synergies that would benefit both our Ecosystems. For example in your case we could:

  • help your project increase its liquidity and reward users for doing so
  • have you join our Partner Grand Program and reward your project RNIK tokens upon providing liquidity
  • give your Community access to our RNIK Airdrop running at the moment
  • do an AMA/Twitter post and medium post

On our end, such collaboration would help us gain more visibility as well as secure a solid partnership we could both leverage in the future.

What do you think?


FYI we are planning on adding a yield/earn tab on our app in the next couple of weeks. Since our app is already up and running, we could already advertised your platform on it. What do you think?