Partnership Proposal with Ooki

Hi there! Dewasis here, the Community Manager of Kunji. We recently launched Kunji.Finance, which is, in simple terms, a decentralized crypto hedge fund for the new economy.

Learn more about us and our work by reading our Whitepaper : Kunji Whitepaper_V_0.5 - Google Docs

We would love to partner with your community and we believe this partnership could be beneficial for both sides, as we can extend our reach by discussing our product in your community, you can offer your members exclusive Kunji Tokens/Early Believers NFTs, as well as free promotion in our community in the future.

We also have team members with a decade of experience in finance and crypto and we would love to host sessions in your community to educate them about DeFi and Web3 in general and add value to your community members.

We would be thrilled to hear your thoughts on this potential partnership. We understand that it takes time to evaluate such a proposal, and we are happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Our team is available to arrange a meeting or video call to discuss our vision and answer any questions you may have.

Note: We’re also open to paid promotions if necessary.

We look forward to your response!

Hi Dewasis, can you elaborate a bit on what Kunji is and especially about its use case ?

Sure here’s more about kunji and really sorry for the delay:

Learn more about us and our work by reading our Whitepaper : Kunji Whitepaper_V_0.5 - Google Docs

Hey @Frank was wondering if you got to have a look at the proposal and if you’d be interested in partnering with us or not


I’m not opening that link you provided.

Also its not up to me to decide. This forum is the place where proposals should be outlined and discussed until community consensus is reached and there’s not a lot engagement so my guess is our community is not that interested Dewasis.

Ohhk got it thanks @Frank

Lets wait and see your proposal has been here on the forum only for a few days Dewasis.

Sure thing ser! Can definitely do that.

Hi Dewasis,

like Frank already mentioned, we do not open docs due to security reasons. If you are still interested in some kind of partnership, you need to give us more details or some links.

  • How does Ooki benefit from a partnership?
  • What would a partnership even look like?
  • What would be the prerequisites?
  • Are there any costs to be borne?
  • etc…


Sure thing that sounds understandable.

We are actually looking to partner on the community front specifically discord.

Here are the answers to your questions:

  • How Ooki benefits from the partnership?

Ooki can also spread the word about it’s project in our community comprising of 9k members, and apart from that their audience members would also gain value from the events conducted in their discord server and increase community engagement.

We can offer your members exclusive Kunji Tokens/Early Believers NFTs, as well.

Kunji is also open to paid collaborations.

  • What would a partnership even look like?

We are thinking of three ways in which we can collaborate, Ooki can feel free to choose the one it’s most comfortable with.

3 Ways of collaboration:

  1. Cross-promotion across our communities wherein Ooki promotes our project and we can do it for Ooki in return. Additionally, we can also provide kunji tokens which are our governance token to some of your members or even Kunji Pioneer NFTs.
  2. Another way of collaborating can be doing AMA, discussions, and sessions on DeFi topics and specifically on-chain asset management as our team members have a decade’s worth of experience and we are sure we can provide value to your members.
  3. Kunji is also open to paid collaboration as mentioned before wherein Kunji can pay for the promotion of our project in your community.
  • What would be the prerequisites?
    We are no prerequisites as such.

  • Are there any costs to be borne?
    Ooki has to bear no costs as such.

For any additional information about our project:

Website: (

Hi Dewasis,

So your proposal is basically all about promotion and not about having Ooki added in one of your asset management strategies on the Kunji platform ?