Partnership Proposal with coinhub wallet

Hey i am ritik from coinhub wallet and we would like to partner with you and do some events and marketing campaigns if you are interested please reply

More details pls?..


As i am from the coinhub team if you are interested in partnership with coinhub i will help you

By partneing coinhub will post your site in thier discover section and may do various events together for gaining new user

Hi, why Coinhub ? Its a multi chain wallet right ? Is it better then MetaMask ?

Coinhub is a multi-chain wallet that supports WEB3.0 and metaverse too but it is not better than metamask but I believe that it would be better than metamask as there is no one who remains the top forever
Are you interested in partnering coinhub ??

i dont support this proposal, because it is not detailed.

Sir full proposal will be discussed by our senior if you are interested please contact me on telegram @coinhub03

This is really vague. We need details. Not just “can do partnering”…