Partnership Proposal from Syscoin

Hey guys.

I’m a biz dev representing Syscoin. We’re an OG team that have recently released our NEVM, our Ethereum EVM that is secured by Bitcoin’s PoW via mergemining and chainlocks.
We’re a sophisticated dual chain l1 that aims to be the best option in security for the coming zkEVM, of which we are looking to also offer a couple of unique solutions for.

We would love to talk to Ooki about bringing your protocol to our network. We are opening up our ecosystem next week with the release of our first Dex and multiple other projects.

We have potential grants and tvl incentives to also aid deployment to our eco, but caveat, we are an OG and organic group without the deep pockets of our rivals. What we have are unique solutions and belief in decentralisation, open-source, security and community.
We believe we have one of the best strategies to stay evergreen in the coming post Eth2.0/zk environment.

Please let me know if you guys are interested in a call!


So it’s another L1 EVM chain but secured by Bitcoin POW?

Hi Matteus / Matthew I have tried to get in contact with you in our Telegram channel and in the official Syscoin Telegram channel but you do not exist in there and people never heard of you being a business dev. Would be good to have more information on your proposal, thank you.

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