Partnership Opportunity: Geode Finance

Dear Ooki community,

I am Co-Founder of Geode Finance and I would like to propose a partnership between Ooki and Geode.

Geode Finance has created infrastructure that allows any organisation the ability to run their own liquid staking solution in a fully trustless manor, unlocking staking yields for their users while generating sustainable revenue from staking as a service fees.

We believe Ooki could benefit from our infrastructure in a number of ways:

  • Offer staking as a service, with your own branded staking token within your “Stake” product, to accompany Ooki staking.
  • Allow your new staking derivative to be used as collateral within your Oki Borrow product. (Improve capital efficiency for your users.

Generate sustainable revenue from staking as a service fees that you can charge for your own solution.

We don’t charge anything for our infrastructure and an integration has really low OPEX.

  • Fully trustless contracts, Ooki has complete control of the withdraw contracts
  • Manage your own risk profile (Choose your own node operators or manage nodes yourself)
  • Allow your governance to control your own solution
  • Charge what you want as your staking as a service fees

Proposed next steps: Quick discovery call to explore value opportunities further and for me to answer community & team questions.

I look forward to receiving feedback.