OOP-13 Proposal to extend omnibus proposal for 1 year

This proposal would extend the previous DAO omnibus spending proposal for another year in order to ensure that existing contributors are compensated on an ongoing basis from the Ooki DAO treasury.

Hello !

great, this is needed to keep pushing updates for this project. just a couple of questions.

  • “extend for 1 year” —> can you explain it a little more. which date this will end? if i search on the proposal previous year, which succeeded 29 aug. so my quess is til 31 Aug 2023?

  • how much ooki is reserved for this? since the treasury has only 2m value in it at current OOKI prices. i need some confident for longer term. any ideas?

love to hear feedback.

I suggest 6 months. Let’s bake in some urgency. If they can’t get updates done by March of 2023, project ends. Why prolong another 12 months, just extends “soon” longer than necessary. We extend contributors 6 months more. That’s it. Anything more speaks “we’re cool with slow dvelopment” and actually fosters no urgency

The amount of OOKI Tokens that would be allocated are approximately 200m worth of Ooki. This would be sufficient for approximately 1 year of funding at the current price.

thanks for your answer. and honestly that is what im afraid for. after that year we have our treasury empty in current situation. (yes, you can’t predict the future) but we neeed a way to fill that treasury within this year. otherwise we screwed the year after…
at last i’m okay with 1 year. 6months is to short in my opinion.

plz can you also answer the exact dates. instead of “a year” ?

I also suggest only 6 months. Either the plan will proceed as planned, or after 6 months we will see what happens to the project. Because as @CryptoSteve said, the treasury also needs to be filled and not just spend it endlessly. I will definitely vote against it to be approved for next year.

Honestly it should be they get certain ooki salary until 12/31. If by end of year they HAVEN’T accomplished roadmap set out in January (which was originally roadmap of 2021) then we find new developers for remainder of funds. If they do finish roadmap by 12/31, they get burst of 3 months salary as bonus. Then we still have 3 months left of tokens but at least platform will be running at full speed then. Point is we should REWARD faster development and begin to punish unfinished development.

@mpallien i would vote in favour off them. dont forget what they have accomplished. its a very good team, they are dedicated. i follow them on github and their activity is good, they even work on sundays lol. lets be fair, they did a hell of a job last year. the product improved significantly and LO is not far of anymore.

@ookiman i strongly disagree with you. having fixed timelines for them wont work, pushing a new feature or product is not the way. development is a bumpy road, its a trail and error concept. you can not push an unfinished feature. that said, finding a new developer for it? goodluck with that. i do not think you will find a team that is so dedicated an good as current ones.

so in short: they get my bless, but maybe they should clarify the treasury for longer term to get more confidence

The Ooki developers work hard. Progress can be followed on GitHub.

We should be grateful and proud about our Ooki developers, happy that they are willing to work for our protocol, that they are the heart and soul, the core of our protocol.

Demand is hugh for quality developers like the ones we have on board working for the Ooki community, you should be happy we have them.

Instead of talking about " punishment", you should see their value, dedication and the love they have for Ooki.com. Their willingness to work for us !

totally agreed @Frank

Well, either way it seems there is a deadline, if we do 12 months then that’s it, treasury is emptied. So the clock is ticking, Either platform is ready with all features by Aug 2023 or no more ooki to pay devs. We have 15 months of runway ladies and gents to know if project is failure or will ever do something.

The treasury has millions of dollars more that aren’t yet vested from vBZRX and converted to OOKI, even at current prices. What you see in OOKI is just a portion of what’s left.