Ooki Team Member compensation


This is a forum proposal to propose updating the salary of two Ooki team members, Drypto and our illustrator/graphic designer. Drypto one of the developers, and the illustrator/graphic designer each have been working diligently with Ooki. Currently their compensation plan does not include any OOKI token bonus.


The proposal would add an OOKI bonus to their compensation consisting of the following:

Drypto 1,500,000 OOKI per year.
Illustrator/Graphic Designer - 800,000 OOKI per year.

Funding Requirements:

This proposal would allocate a total of 2.3m OOKI per year to allocate towards their bonus. Creating an OOKI bonus would help to align and incentivize them with the continued success and growth of the Ooki protocol.

If consensus is achieved to proceed following forum discussion this proposal will progress to Snapshot vote for offchain voting and if it passes then to onchain vote.

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I would like to support this proposal I don’t have any opposition about that however I consider we should achieve certain value on Ooki price, the ATH for example (what It should mean finalise main goals on DAO) to make the holders confident about the project. So under my point of view this should be checked later, I can’t support this proposal at the moment.
This doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the big effort Drypto and the Illustrator Designer are doing

Yes. Drypto is crucial within the development of the Ooki.com protocol and needs to be compensated better in line with the rest of the OokiDAO core team. Same for our Graphic Designer, masterpiece after masterpiece and there needs to be some kind of recognition for the hard and creative work done.
Technical development and the artistic interpretation of the project go hand in hand, we need both to be compensated decently. I do support this proposal ( actually it is about time that this is done ).

ill support this proposal.