Ooki Proposal: Keepers and Community Manager

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Ooki Proposal: Keepers and Community Manager

The purpose of this forum post is to discuss upcoming Ooki Protocol personnel changes.


Onboarding New Community Manager

The first upcoming change is an update to the Ooki community support team. @TheDude, is sadly leaving his role and will need to be replaced. In this role he provided community support on Telegram and Discord.

If Ooki DAO votes to approve, the role to replace @TheDude, could be filled by @Frank010011001. Frank has been a long term active member providing support and would be a great addition to the team. He is already helping post, share and answer questions in Telegram.

Retaining Keepers

The second is relating to the recruitment and hiring of an additional front end developer to join the Ooki development team. Ooki DAO is considering engaging Keepers to assist with searching, screening and setting up an interview with an additional Front End Developer.

Funding Request:

Ooki is seeking a front end developer to assist with the development of the Ooki protocol web application. In order to assist with hiring a candidate for the role Ooki has been in contact with Keepers a recruiting agency to help with hiring and screening candidates for the role.

Keepers has quoted a £3,000 engagement fee followed by a £9,000 completion fee per hire. This is an exclusive engagement wherein no other recruitment services can be used by Ooki for the Software Engineer role. If a candidate is hired using another recruitment provider Keepers reserves the right to charge the full fee of £9,000 per hire to Ooki.


Great idea, I completely support hiring Frank on the same compensation as TheDude was on.

Since Frank has actually been working for free for the past few months, I suggest his compensation be backdated to 1 Dec or 1 Jan and that he gets compensated for all the work he has done till now as well.

I also agree that it is a good idea to engage Keepers to find a new dev. The cost is fine - I would suggest giving the figures in USD as that is what most people calculate in (£3000 is about US$4,000, and £9,000 is a little over $12,000).

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Supporting both.

I guess we can’t get that service cheaper and we all know how difficult it is to get qualified coders.

It’s a great idea, I will also suggest that the OOKI team list the requirements needed for the Frontend developer role.