Ooki Kyber Liquidity Proposal


This proposal would add liquidity incentives on Kyber for two pairs: iETH/iUSDC and iETH/iUSDT. These pairs consist of Ooki interest bearing token pairs, which provide additional incentive for people to lend on Ooki platform and grow TVL.

The amount of incentives would consist of $15k USD worth of OOKI tokens per month for three months ($45k total). If in 1 month time, the liquidity is deemed unnecessary, the incentives will be removed and any remaining unspent incentives will be returned to treasury.

Funding Request

This would allocate $15k of liquidity to Kyber for liquidity. Based on the Ooki price of $0.014.

everything what helps us with liquidity i will support, so keep going! good proposal

Do it. (response must be 20 characters so i’m writing more here )