New lending model for OOKI

Good day to everyone reading! I believe that the OOKI project will not go far with the current interest rates for lending liquidity. Without sufficient liquidity in the pools, the project will not be able to become interesting and develop. I ask everyone to express their opinion on the possible transition to the funding model
I consider this model to be a breakthrough in the field of defi lending. For a more complete understanding of the mechanics of the model, I recommend the video: What is OlympusDAO? - OHM Explained with Animations - YouTube.
I am afraid that the ad campaign will not be able to do much to fix the situation, and OOKI will be out of work. I ask all who are not indifferent to comment on this proposal.


I’m familiar with Olympus and this could be a good idea - in fact it’s been discussed before.

However, could you flesh out the details a bit? How much of the treasury to be spent on bonds, targeting what price and what time period for the bonds?

Also, how do you think this compares with liquidity from a Tokemak Reactor (personally I think Tokemak is a better model) for liquidity direction.

Finally, since we already have a huge and very liquid market for OOKI on Binance (350-400m OOKI per day trading volume), do we really need to have a very liquid DEX pair as a priority? Of course we do need a good high volume DEX trading pair for OOKI - can’t completely rely on a CEX like Binance, but it’s not urgent as far as I can see.

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Thank you very much, you decided to accept this idea in the discussion. I ask for some respite on my response comment. I will try to finish writing the answer to your questions by 17.01.

I believe a good alternative would be how GMX .io handles liquidity.

Provide a single token (GLP on GMX) for liquidity on the platform and use that to manage liquidity for the assets available for trading. Pay holders of the liquidity token interest based on fees generated by the platform.

This way as the platform gains traction liquidity providers receive higher apr because of the trading activity.

GMX pays 70% of fees to liquidity providers. OOKI could do 70% LP, 20% debt token 10% team… after debts paid 30% would go to team.

You can read more info on this in GMX gitbook linked on their site.

This is basically like Sushi paying part of the platform fees to LPs and part of it to xSUSHI right?

It’s an interesting idea, but won’t it reduce the value of the OOKI token? Since it will get much smaller share of the fees (down to 10%)?

Also, we’re not sure if the fees to LPs will be attractive enough to make people add liquidity to the lending pools.

But it’s definitely an intriguing idea. Do you know what GMX’s liquidity is like and what kind of fees they managed to generate for LPs?

Dear OOKI team one short question do we have a timing plan to release the staking?

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