May the Dao helps me

Hello guys, I’m in Ooki since december,

I started to buy 500k with 24k USD at a price of 0,048
I’ve keep buying Ooki for a total amount of 49k USD. My supply was arround 3 150 000, yes i’ve put a lot of money in and i got a low supply. But still i had the hope one day it could make something nice.

Well on friday early morning I decided to sell my Ooki at 0.0026-0.0017 range to buy luna at very bottom to make quick profit and get back in Ooki with some more coin. Since my 49k invested were only worth 8k on Friday.

I did bought Luna on very bottom but sad timing, few minutes after my buy Binance decided to Resize without saying nothing, and there was 2 zero ahead my buy the trading decimal with luna printing trillions of coins in some minutes, my 8k USD were 80 USD.

Binance also suspended luna withdrawal, i wasnt able to sell my coin on huobi at decent price. I got hardly cuck my friends. Can be a lesson for me, and maybe some of you would learn of my mistake. And realize when your sleepy, you feel depressive, don’t try to make hero mooves to get a little bit more, there is always something to make you lose everything.

The worst part in that, my parents gave me 10k to help me buy the dip on febuary. And now i lost everything. No USD, No Ooki coin. I can’t look at myself in the mirror, I’m heartbroken, I haven’t slept since Friday, my head is going to explode at the time i’m writting this.

So, I’m asking to the DAO, if you guys could gave me a second chance, by allocating me my intial Ooki supply. That would be the best DAO ever, and i could finally breath peacefully again.

If you think i’m joking or trolling, i’m not. And if you guys accept, i can upload every single buy and sell action i’ve made on Ooki since the launching on december 25. I have more than 350 buy on Ooki since January. I’ve sold twice some coin to get more supply, but still doing that i got like 200k Ooki, I wasn’t a good trader, because my average price was too high since january. but I had a good faith on Ooki, even tho i could be sometime salty on discord. That’s because I was over commited, and I never sold when it reached 0.025

I’m not trying to steal, i’m not lieing. I’m desesperate and hearthbroken. I’m in ooki since rebrand, i’m look the trading chart like 18h per day even tho nothing is happening, i was looking at it and hopping a godbless move to the sky. And that totally burnt my brain on friday, on that last dump.


Here you can see my monthly pnl that correspond with the Ooki price going down. Because i only had Ooki in my wallet

I’m ashamed of myself you can’t imagine how. I broke my main rule : never sell in lose ! I did it because i was desperate so see that i had only 3 150 000 ooki when i could have bought 22 millions for the same amount of USD at the ATL friday.

I’m now left with 1 euro on my bank account, and once again, i’m not lieing. I used my last 10 usdt to buy the dip on Ooki before doing my worst mistake ever. And i had to borrow 40 euro to my mom to finish this month awaiting my next pay. I’m jobless since a year, i’ve worked for 12 years, i never make travel, i have a bad car, i don’t have a personnal home. I put all i had in Ooki. Just writting that made me fall in tears, I realized how delusionnal and how stupid I’m.

I’m asleep, i haven’t slept for 48h, but still i have faith that maybe a little chance you guys give me a second chance to recover my supply and at least, be able to dream again. The only thing I had since I commited myself in January was the hope, the hope one day everything would go better. Today I have nothing left, no money, no friends, no house, and I can’t even buy a cigaret by my own. The worst part is i lost any hope of a better future. I’m sorry if said twice the same thing, but i can’t stop crying right now.

Maybe some you won’t care at all, and I probably won’t get any help, but at least, I could have the feeling that I shared my story with someone, since i have noone to talk to

My english is not perfect and I apologize, thanks everyone for reading me

Nice joke, NO!
I don’t understand how you can write such bullshit. Don’t trade if you can’t accept losses.

I never really traded until friday when my mind blown up. With the hope to buy more Ooki at that price, and as I was broke, my only chance was to sell and buy back. I was only buying as much Ooki as i can in the last 5 months, with my saving, then with my monthly pay. It’s not really about accepting loses, i’m in red since I put my first money in Ooki on January, I was just accumulating until Luna fraud hits me with binance changing the rules of sizeing, i did’nt even knew they could do that, I’m not involved for crypto since a long time. I’m not a trader, I was just someone that needed hope of a better future, I put everything i had and more.

But I see your point, even in a community project, everyone is on his own, thanks for replying

Hey Xaya,

What happened to you is terrible, every investor or trader’s nightmare.
I don’t think the dao can reimburse you for this. this can happen to anyone and the dao cannot compensate everyone with the same problem (any kind of loss).
harsh as it may sound, but this is really your own fault. learn from this and look ahead!

Hey Steve, thanks for your reply.

I had a talk with Chris. He said that I could submit this to the DAO.

Voters can accept or refuse my submit. But please consider that I invested nearly 50k which it was all I had and please consider that I’m a real Human being with feeling and nothing can help me but your support. You guys have the opportunity to carry me and save my life.

If the community agreed to make a good action for me. I would be grateful forever and I will do my best to support this project.

With the preface that it was his own fault, it was dumb, and he DOESN’T deserve it, let’s put our “marketing” hat on a sec — we could actually use this for Ooki’s good. Let me explain. What if we send this guy back 8k worth of ooki from the fund…BUT we use it as a marketing ploy to get attention and news articles. “Ooki defi platform DAO votes to refund Luna trade gone bad” is the headline. Maybe Coindesk etc. picks it up just because it’s ridiculous. The pitch is the guy’s ridiculous story, and the ooki DAO voted to refund him is 8k Ooki stack he made before the dumb Luna trade. Basically, it’s an 8k marketing expense and we do a good deed that isn’t deserved, but shows grace to a guy who probably needs it. Of course we’d never do such a thing again, just a one-time marketing gimmick. Just an idea. Could turn this sad event into something positive not only for the dude but for the platform. Thoughts?

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great thinking and a great story. but honestly its not ethical and fair to just compensate one ooki holder for it and dont do it by others in the future. that said, we can do a lot of other things with that amount of money with marketing.

Thanks you both for your answers. For the story telling, I managed to sleep a few hours last night, I redid a CV and I applied for several job offers. No matter what decision the Dao makes about me, life goes on and I have to move on. I feel like my brain is slowly recovering from the stupidity that was in me lately. Even if the situation remains painful.

@ookiman let me tell you, you have a smart brain. You managed to find something positive out of a bad situation. I have to agree it could be a good marketing move.“Knowing how to give in order to receive”.

The CEO of Luna announced a week before the crash that 95% of crypto will die and it started with his. No one trusts Luna anymore. Yet it was one of the top cryptocurrencies. Why ? Because facts are facts.

OokiDao would come out of the fog “scam not scam?” since by definition a “scam” only takes, it never gives. A dao has never compensated for heavy losses? Be the first as an exception, tell about it, and stand out.

Only actions count, fine words everyone can say. Especially in the world of crypto, but I’m not telling you anything.

Beyond helping me personally, you are sending a strong message of a human community working together to develop a better ecosystem, and that will help you yourself.

@CryptoSteve I put everything I had in ooki and lost it all just for trying to get a little more. You can tell me it’s a good lesson, but still a lesson that literally leaves me in my underwear.

This is virtual money. A few million invested can multiply the value of Ooki by 100. That was what I thought when I invested in Ooki and I still think so. Allocating a recovery of my supply means nothing for the DAO. More than 6 billion tokens will be printed in the coming years. Mathematical thought : 6 billon * 0 = 0 and noone wants Ooki to reach 0.

Most important are the decisions we make to value the token and under what circumstances people find out about the project. A good story always brings good results and greater adoption. The proposal of ookiman seems very relevant for this valuation, especially in this difficult context affecting the crypto universe and every crypto.

You can always do a lot of things in marketing, things that cost nothing, things that are more expensive, but nothing attracts more than a good story that talks about a good deed related to current events. Example: the companies which decided to send products to Ukraine to help them during the war, they did not hesitate to communicate on what they did. And it has received positive fallout. Corporate Social Responsibility is a major issue for companies in the 21st century. This includes doing good to the environment that composes us and surrounds us.

Everyone involved in crypto know Elon Musk. He sent Starlink in Ukraine weeks ago, he communicated much on it, he has since launched its sales campaign.

If someone else but me would have been concerned by this kind of story, and If i had my stacks to vote, I would have approved Ookiman idea and would have voted for the good of the Dao.

Hard story. I think cryptocurrency today needs good news and good stories. It seems to be one. This could be a good operation for the DAO and the guy. I’m in.

I can’t support this, I mean I would like I also lost a lot even a lot more, And I had to sell at lower price because I needed the money.
However I understand that this was my fault, I would like to recover my investment too but I need to start over with a small investment on Ooki and waiting for better time.
I have no doubt that there is a lot of people like this guy and me.

We are a DAO. We’re supposed to find out ideas that can developp our project and our community, right?
Here is the thing, the DAO can have a good marketing by turning this story into an happy ending broadcasting on social medias. Moreover it would help a broke guy. Its like 1 stone 2 hits.
W/o considering the marketing which would be a clear opporunity for the DAO, and I think that the main fact here, over helping the dude. You miss the right decision.
Saying “I’m not helping the guy because I lost money too” is just selfish and has nothing do to with our business, imo.
You don’t look beyond what you see. Have you ever considered a good marketing with a serious project can push a coin to a x1000 ? That mean you could turn 1k to a million.

You misunderstand me and misunderstand the DAO. I’ve said that I don’t support this because it was my fault, my personal fault. Sorry but we are here to try to complete a project not to reverse the bad decisions of ONE guy.
There is people in worse situation than him or me.
Also you try to turn this like it was a great marketing campaign that I don’t see that in any case. Help ONE guy, who was asking for his lost investment because bought LUNA. Sorry but it’s not a good marketing campaign Xaya/Janna, hopefully you can recover from this, I wish you the best I really do

I don’t believe DAO is in the position of help you out on this one. DAO can’t just make your personal losses even.

I like your idea. It is the same marketing strategy few months ago, some one bought 1 stupid selfie nft from South-East Asia for 1 million usd.