Marketing partnership


I would like to introduce you all to our project and propose a potential collab. We are the first and the best meme-to-earn website where users can earn by watching, creating, or sharing memes. We can offer our clients unlimited marketing potential and it is very easy.

Our website:

By hosting a meme competition on our website, you can get amazing organic growth. Check out our previous client, GHOST MARKET, which was featured in the CryptoDep as Coin of the day with insane Twitter organic growth made with our campaign.

It is very simple and this is how it works:

  1. We host a meme competition for your project and both our users make memes about your project. One of the competition requirements is for memes to be shared on social networks.

  2. You will get all the tech support you need from us as we have a team of top-notch designers and devs.

  3. Only cost from your side is to choose and supply us with the prize pool budget. For example, we have been awarding 10 best memes with awards in our previous campaigns.

  4. In our past campaigns, clients made a 2000-2500$ prize pool and we airdropped the same amount too in our token. You can choose any budget and that’s your decision only.

  5. Feel free to check our current campaign for Quantum Resistant Ledger - QRL

Feel free to ask me any questions. Our founder is an industry well know Odd Roland, lead dev for Flamingo. finance DEX and if you are interested I can forward you to him to verify everything and talk about more details.

Kind regards
Geralt of Rivia