Marketing: OOKI - Building Exposure & Awareness

Hi guys,
I invested about $1.2k into OOKI a few days ago and I thought I’d try help this protocol grow a bit.
One thing we could do to build awareness is get the new brand listed on 3rd party blog posts such as:

What do you guys think?

P.S. This is Hifros from Discord


This is probably good— i would like to make some marketing proposals myself but i dont know what the current marketing plan is, what the budget is etc. Is there a link where this information is or is the marketing plan secret?

Given this is meant to be a DAO, what is the transparency of the organization like?

@Drypto @roman?

Given the NON-response I have to assume while it’s a DAO, in practice OOKI doesn’t act like a DAO if marketing is a secret. Question: How is anyone suppose to make marketing suggestions if they don’t know what the current marketing plan is and how much is allocated to what? For example, let’s say 50k was spent for ad in times square (no idea what that would cost, just as an example). Who decides that 50K should be spent on Times Square as opposed to targeted digital ads that can be measured? Not criticizing by the way just honestly asking how people are suppose to contribute here

Hey guys,

For the marketing side of things the DAO has previously mentioned currently working with for articles and sponsored promotions! This is still the case :slight_smile:

@Paris_Ooki so the DAO pays an agency to market? How are we supposed to make marketing suggestions if it’s all outsourced anyways? Honest question.

I’m not against using a 3rd part to do the marketing if we don’t have a marketing resource/arm in the DAO. But I’d still like to be involved or know what the marketing plan is. The same goes for the core platform development plan (maybe I just haven’t found it).

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Everyone from us can do something for the awareness right guessing most of us are Linked into the crypto so let’s start talking about OOKI