Marketing idea with Cointelegraph

Hey guys,

wanted to post the idea to make some marketing ads with Cointelegraph. They have over 14M monthly visitors and there is plenty of ways to engange with the crypto community like sponsored articles, how to guides or plain ads between other articles.


Maybe we can allocate some funds to boost our exposure to the crypto community.

Have a nice christmas.



THis is a good idea. I believe the team have already allotted funds for a lot of ads - I know Brave Browser ads were planned, as well as other publications, but Iā€™m not sure if CoinTelegraph was specifically on the list.

If not already on the list, it would be a good idea to add it for advertisements.

i support this proposal !:+1:t2:

i support this proposal !

I support it as well , but I doubt that is not already on the roadmap of our marketing team , maybe they just waiting for the right time

Nice Christmas and happy New year :balloon:

Hey guys, how can I push this forward? Should I just start a vote? I would suggest that the marketing responsible please get in touch with me so we can specify this whole topic to get this going. :slight_smile: