Listing OOKI Token on

Listing OOKI Token on

Ooki has received an offer to list the OOKI token on to allow token holders to pay with their OOKIs on Amazon, Ebay, WalMart and Home Depot. That would be another use case for the token that would also find practical application in everyday life.

What are the communities thoughts on adding OOKI token as a payment option? Offers 3 Different Listing Packages

Bronze Silver Gold
Pricing table $15,000 * $30,000 * $50,000 *
Listing period 1 year 2 years 3 years
Discount X 2% for 14 days 2% for 30 days
Twitter + TG announcement
Token logo on checkout page (not US)
Posts on their other socials X
A section in their newsletter X
AMA + $500 giveaway X X
A dedicated Medium article X X
$500 site credit giveaway X X
  • Should Ooki be able to provide some type of co-marketing (such as a mention in a PR), Ooki will receive a 15% discount on all pricing.

A Few Facts About

  • 200 supported cryptocurrencies (TRON, SHIPA, FTM, VeChain, Enjin…)
  • 671,370 users in 2021
  • 3,423,355 page views in 2021
  • Average order value in 2021: $303.12


I like it, the whole idea that you can buy stuff with Ooki tokens.

Do it we need anything we can get

This is a great usecase for the token!

good marketing stunt. but i do not see why people should use ooki for it. i think we better use those 12k for other things. so i do not support this proposal for now


This proposal is a huge waste of time. It is only going to drain the treasury for nothing that would add onto the trading platform.

The core feature is to have people to use the trading platform. There are tons of stuff to do which they have to prioritize.
1: Limit orders
2: Hire more devs, even devs that would potentially earn more than the current existing ones from day 1.
3: Liquidity mining program/bonding options, or other measures to increase users and protocol fees.
4: Permissionless listings.
5: Staking rewards on other chains
6: Chain expansion on Optimism, AVAX etc etc.

Instead, someone from the team is making a proposal on adding Ooki as some shopping coupon. What does that have to do with the utility of Ooki which is beneficial to those using the platform?

I’m trying to make this short here, but I don’t think I really can.

It seems to me that whoever is their business strategist (they don’t seem to have one under that title) is having too much time and not realising their priorities.

But I will give you a TLDR: Time is being wasted on making Ooki into a shopping coupon

Comment and downvote on this proposal. I urge you all to remind them who is in charge.


I don’t see the benefits of this proposal can do for Ooki. It would be great if people already now Ooki, and they have it on their bags, but doing this at this moment it would be not the right choice.
I’ve seen most of the coins listed on this website are shitcoins, with no use case. The main goal of Ooki is give you benefits from the DAO project, from the fees that comes from the Ooki platform.
One all the goals of Ooki are achieved this proposal could be good however I don’t see how this could implementing Ooki value right now.
I don’t support this proposal.


As I know there are different ppl with different work areas. And different budgets. This would probably be payed by marketing budget. How does marketing influence the development? Should they hire some cheerleaders to push the devs more with the marketing budget? Marketing still needs to be ongoing even if some features are missing. Should marketing just stop with their work only because PL and other features are not ready?

And seems that you have a lag of information. The team is searching for new people since last year. It was also on vote to hire a company looking for canidadtes. All the points you listed have nothing in common with marketing or marketing budget.

If you happen to know, I have spent time on getting devs for them too. But instead of actually interviewing the candidate, they were too stuck on the position of 400k position they forget they can hire the candidate for less.

It was a dev of 10 years fullstack exp and 5 years in blockchain. You wouldn’t find those easily. And if you find them, they are being hired at other projects for sure.

If you see the stage ooki platform is in, it is in no position to add gimmick that doesn’t add value to Ooki token nor the DAO.

Try to ask the team: Will this in any way benefit the DAO or Ooki token?
If no, then why bother writing a proposal in which the Shopping(dot)io-team can clearly write themselves?

I do not support this bad idea!

Its a good thing to see this proposal from different angles, that is exactly what makes discussing a topic here on the forum interesting.
Adding the Ooki token to a platform like or any other platform would give the Ooki token another use case.
The Ooki marketeers are always looking for new opportunities or they are being approached by third party service providers and its good to discuss any options that pop up on the radar, favorable for the Ooki protocol or not, good to discuss guys !

I don’t support it, waste of money and especially time!


Like I said in Telegram as well, whenever I see these types of proposals I am concerned that attention slides away from where it should be. It is so far away from the core purpose of the platform. If you have to look for that to give the token additional utility then that should remind you that you need to improve tokenomics. Like the last proposal from BadriNat to Increase Protocol Usage. That’s where your attention should be, increase protocol usage. I will never support strategies like the one mentioned here. Terrible!



Exactly what I’m talking about. You have a 0-usage protocol which people don’t use, and you prioritize something in which has no benefit for DAO nor the token price.

Complete waste of time, complete waste of resources, and completely wrong business strategy.

What is the point in making a discussion about ideas that have both wrong timing and strategy? Complete waste of time again… it is stupid and moonboy-mentality.

If this was for buying Tesla, if this was to buy stuff via Amazon/eBay, or I get that. But Ooki is nowhere near that popularity nor traction level

The DAO need to start thinking of hiring a business strategist. And a set of devs, where the new devs can even get a higher salary from their first day of their job.
And possibly firing some members… I have not seen any new publications or content nor is the Ookimunity calls on a set date weekly/bi-weekly/monthly.

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I’m all for some people getting fired. What has been accomplished since ooki release? Nothing. Literally , platform isn’t being used. Who’s responsible for that? Why the hell is there no PL , Pro ,limit orders or anything else yet and it’s mid March? Is there zero urgency on paid team members? From the outside seems so. Why begin “bi weekley updatea” end of January and slowly end those for no reason? Why waste time with shopping io coupon and “Times Square” ad when platform isn’t ready? Why can’t marketing plan be made public? I’d love to sell my stack right now but stuck in VBZRX. Fire people please and get competent people in who can move ooki forward because current team is FAILING. oh yeah, soon sorry . Do we need to set deadlines? Release something before May 1 or you’re gone. Like make some ultimatums? Liek i don’t know what else to do to get team accomplishing anything at this point. Fact— same roadmap was here a year ago, nothing has changed except ooki is now a ghost-platform on several chains rather than just eth, with a better UI and more non-engaged social followers. COngrats!!! Please let’s fire some people