List ooki token (bsc) in Cone Exchange

I have an idea how to boost ooki price. List it in Cone Exchange. Create Cone/Ookie LP.

I’ll vote for it and it will have APY%. Then people will provide the LP. To provide LP, they need to buy those tokens.

It will help to rise the price for a week and after that, depends on ooki’s core team and community. Example provide bribe (ooki core team put some incentive for voter) so for next week, the LP will boost more for next round of week.

By the way, Cone Exchange is a Dex that give power to investor so they will decide which LP should get more emission of Cone.

Note: this is not an ads. It is an idea how to pump it in short term.

“how is this DEX any different then PancakeSwap ?”

I’m pancakeswap, you need to give huge amount so it will be listed in Farm section while in Cone, just need to whitelist, add Cone/Ooki LP, introduce what is Ooki in Cone’s discord channel, then if community interested, they will vote. Once voted, Cone/Ooki LP will start to display APY, people will start to buy Cone to provide the LP.

As a proof can it help to increase price, you can check valas. Almost plain in a month, and after listed in Cone, price jump high. Then old original valas holder start selling and that’s why it goes down after few weeks.

Hi Alfris,

Ooki is already listed on the worlds biggest exchanges in Coinbase and Binance, both achieved without allocation of DAO funding. How much funding would need to be allocated for this and can you confidently say it would be better marketing for Ooki than the aforementioned exchanges?

If list it personally, need to hold 0.5% from current total supplied of Cone. However it will be free in Ooki team talk to Cone team.

There is no cost except for gas fee to whitelist it (if personally list it), create LP (just put few usd), and create Gauge. Cost around 20 usd of bnb.

Why I believe it can help to rise Ooki token, because:

  • as what we can see happened to valas and bifi after listed.
  • people want to collect Cone and make it as veCone so they can control the exchange (that’s why I suggest cone/Ooki LP).

To counter the free whitelist, I suggest list Cone in Ooki so Cone holder can lend and borrow in ooki.

So it will be win-win situation

Neither Bifi nor Valas have the same liquidity and trading volume as Ooki, nor are they listed on top rated global exchanges. It is likely that they did benefit from this listing somewhat with regard to market exposure, but I doubt that would be the case for Ooki.
It is unlikely that any benefit arises from undertaking this listing so I would be against assigning developer resources here.