Landing Page: Rethinking and Redesigning

Hi All,

Spending more time on the Ooki dapp a few things dawned on me. These suggestions come as a longtime holder of Bzrx/OOKI and not as API3 btw.

Problem: the landing page is overwhelming with content. The landing page should be redesigned and simplified to showcase and highlight what the app does: decentralized margin trading, lending, and borrowing. People should arrive on the page and get energized to use the dapp on the above.

Looking from the top-main landing page, there are over 26 items that have the option to be clicked on, and most are repeats. These items are too many options for any landing page. For example, “Ooki Token” can be reached when clicking on the “Ooki logo” next to the networks and clicking “about Ooki token.” “Shop” can similarly be reached when clicking “more” and “shop,” identical with ookiversity, and social. Again, with “tutorials,” “faq” and “blog” under the youtube video, they are repeated under “more.” On the same note: the video overview and tweet embedding are too much information for a landing page. The Youtube video is excellent for people new to Ooki, but should not be dead center of a landing page- it’s prime real estate.

Same with “latest blog posts”, “dao”, and “app update” sections. This information could be simplified as icons under the “more” dropdown menu, which already exists. We shouldn’t have app updates on the landing page because it sends the message that the app is still under construction and not fully working, which isn’t the case.

Solution: The landing page should be simplified and consider what the dapp does. OOKI: Decentralized margin trading, lending, and borrowing. Information on Margin trading (dex selector, fees, speed, networks) and Best Lending and Borrowing Rates are highlighted with information on why it’s so unique. Examples showcasing the new interest rate models work will be great. Also, showing lending at 0% interest is not attractive; something should be done to fix that “0%.”

Icons on the header are great (Ooki, trade, lend, borrow, stake, etc.). I’m a big fan of the Ooki style and rebrand. I wish it gets further placed to engage in specific outcomes, and the landing page is an ideal candidate for this.


Thank you for your personal interpretation and opinion.

The page you are referring to is the Ooki homepage or lobby, the Ooki landing page is : Ooki | DeFi Crypto Margin Trading

Hey Frank,

You’re welcome and apologies for the confusion. The landing page I am referring to is