Idea: Ooki Trading Chart

There are many things going on, but I think we should considerate this for the future.

Some chart pairs on are not visible because we use a TV (like most exchanges) and this is annoying for everyone as you can see but unfortunately the only option is to code our own chart?

So this is only an idea to considerate in the future that tries to aware everyone that if we want it we should be careful with our treasury, saving as much as we can for the future. Should we hire a new dev for this task? thinking in future maintenance too if we need it or with the current devs is enough, etc.

(I could be wrong and maybe Ooki team is already working on this)

Please bring your ideas here, I don’t try to make a proposal but a new post which can bring thoughts about this subject, and later make a proper proposal.


This is something that has been discussed previously but there are many things to consider on how to implement it. It is not a high-priority task as the pairs that do not have a chart are still tradeable pairs. There is considerable maintenance required with maintaining our own candlestick data as well as the need for strong backend servers to query and service the data for each pair to keep in mind as well. We are exploring potential providers that can meet our needs for historical data on the pairs we have.

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Thank you Drypto for your reply and for the Ooki team’s work are doing. Every new update is always high quality and optimised.

I’m sure there are a lot of new features that need to be done before thinking in something else however, even these pair are tradable, traders can’t trade it without whatching a chart (is there another way? website, etc? That could allow it?) so, maybe not like a priority but like something that should be fixed soon? an important thing, under my point of view we need more volume on the platform to keep the holders and investors, also when someone don’t know that is because a TV if they see that the ~65% of the pairs don’t have a chart this could drive them away from the Ooki platform.

I don’t try to disturb the Ooki plans and roadmap, only pointing out something to try to bring more users.

All the best and thank you in advance

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