Idea: Marketing Ooki PRO

This is an idea for future (or current) marketing, being aware we are in crypto winter and we should be careful with our treasury we must to optimise our advertisement.

One think we can do is checking in the every trading telegram group and look for the cheapest way to advertise us and personalice the add accordingly with what can attract people from those groups (example ahead). Having several groups and start for the cheapest one to know if this kind of advertisement give new users to the platform.
At the moment it will be difficult to compete with platforms which allow LO and SL but we can preparing our advertisement strategy for the time comes. We can do the same for our current platform starting with site with pro traders they are looking for small fees (dexselector)


  • Trading Telegram Group: beINcrypto (Spanish) they instruct about trading
  • Users: basic-intermediate trading knowledge
  • Platform: CEX (mainly Binance and BingX)
  • Interests: leverage, LO&SL, well-known pairs, low fees (if we cannot give them their interes probably add will not work)
  • Concerns: they don’t like CEX (because lack of privacy, etc) but they keep using it because their features and low fees.

Probably here we should remark the advantages of Ooki platform against CEX (first fully DEX, borrow and trade in the same platform, absolute privacy, leverage up to x5 (x15 with B. Protocol?), low fees, best rates with dex selector, etc

In other groups with DEX traders (mainly GMX, dexguru and DyDx) we should have another kind of advertisement (full dex orderbook, iToken, wstETH pair, multichain, low fees, best rates with dex-selector, etc)

Ooki is not a well-known platform yet, when Ooki PRO is alive maybe some Twich or youtuber could use in one of their live trading videos using all the features, to show how easy and powerful Ooki platform is, allowing viewers to ask about it.

Analysing always if these adds are bringing more traders to the platform or we are only spending money.

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