How to have relevant marketing?

Even if a good project doesn’t need a lot of marketing. It still need a clear communication.

In thoses bloody days on markets, we can identify differents trading strategies:
-Selling in loses with the hope to buy cheaper to increase your personnal stock. Which remain risky for the assest because you devalue your stock, doing this over again can finally make you sell on the very bottom, and when the price going up again you are losing money again.
-Hodling which mean you have no impact on the value. You stay in the shadow.
-DCA which mean that you allow scalping bots to have an activity and that drive the price down.
-Buying dumps same logic as DCA, bring same affect.

Here is why DeFi makes sense in bearish market. You are able to lend your assests to borrow more assets. Which means your supposed to increase your global stock without having any negative impact on your market during bloody days WITHOUTTHE NEEDS OF BRINGING MORE MONEY IN. That pretty much what Michael Taylor Swift did with Microstrategy and bitcoin.

But once again for most of people DeFi remains unknown. Our job, is to educate people to think better with their money. Big speech doesn’t help, sometime you need to draw an explanatory drawing to send a message, the easiest way possible.

Features Advantages Benefits, are the basics in marketing.