Growing volume by secure cross-chain operability

Dear Ooki Community,
Hope you are doing great

I am Alex, Rango’s biz dev. Rango is a Multi-chain DEXes/bridges aggregator. Currently Rango supports +40 blockchains, including all the EVMs, Solana, Juno, Cosmos, Osmosis, etc.
Ooki is a creative product providing an smooth experience for its users. Therefore our cooperation would be an added value for both of us. By implementing Rango SDK, your users would easily be able to exchange their tokens via best possible route on Ooki. No added fee and assets are not held on Rango, we just aggregate. I’d be thrilled to talk about details and provide any needed information.

Here you can find our documentations and don’t hesitate to ask any question you may have

Sincerely Yours

Hi Alex, the Rango multi-chain DEX is prety awesome and Ooki is available for IBC transfers and swaps already, what kind of utility can you add for the Ooki token on Rango specifically ?

Thank you Alex,

Hello Frank,

Hope you are doing great

Glad to hear that you are a personal user of Rango. Regarding your question: integrating Rango’s SDK can help you bring interoperability between EVMs to Cosmos based blockchains as well as Cosmos based blockchains to Solana or vice versa. You can check attached dropbox links containing screenshots as well. This integration will give Ooki more power for swapping, bridging, and on boarding more users from all chains.


Hello Frank,
Hope you are doing well.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. We can book a meeting to discuss our potential collaboration in more detail.

Thank you Alex, i can see some potential in the availability of interoperability between EVM’s to Cosmos but lets see if more members of our community are interested :+1:

Isn’t there any other way for you to discuss it internally?

The Ooki protocol is run by its community Alex. All proposals are initiated here in the Ooki forum for community discussion.

Alrighty then

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Hello Frank,
Hope you have a successful bullish year.

I am sending this message regarding our proposal since there is not any interaction from the community, it could be a valuable collaboration. Isn’t there anyway to vote on this proposal?
I could prepare a thorough one with more details included, clarifying our partnership’s road map.


Hello Alex, Happy New Year to you too.

There wasn’t any feedback from the community, there’s nothing i can do.

Hi Ramirez,

sry for the late reply.

We dont do positions cross chain so not needed at this time. Could come in handy at some point though.