Free listing in Latoken exchange

I have written to you early this morning in telegram group!

My name is Alex, I’m from Latoken Growth department. And I am looking forward to establish a new line of collaboration between our projects - to boost trading volume and launch your token trading in our exchange.

We have several ways for that purpose, different co-marketing campaigns, such as Trading competition and Giveaway. In case if you are interested - we can discuss it closely.


i’m against paying for it. but a co marketing idea with a free listing can be discussed here

That is what I’m talking about - no payment, we can list your token and launch trading competition campaign to support starting trades with volume


Okay, we have two active campaigns for your token for co marketing - a trading competition and airdrop which we will run through several media channels to attract traders. Campaign starts right after listing

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Hi Alex welcome to the governance forum. You are welcome to list $OOKI for free on the exchange the way you are proposing. I’ve had quite a few business representatives already in the Telegram channel but it would be good to see Ooki listed. Please proceed to list Ooki for free, think there is no objection from anyone here on the forum if you did.

I will start onboarding preparations. But we still need a crucial TG group to solve technical issues, sign documents and discuss co marketing activities to support volume

Will there be any cost or will it be a free listing like you mentioned in your proposal ?

It will be free. Only provide liquidity via co marketing such as trading competition or airdrop within trading community

No trading competition and no airdrop. The OokiDao has just passed a vote for Ooki rewards for traders and borrowers on our own platform