Expansion of ookitrade to Telos EVM

Hey! So as mentioned I’m with the Telos Foundation and we’re in the middle of partnering and integrating with key plaforms and protocols in different areas in order to aid our current goal. That goal is pushing a big DeFi initiative in order to increase TVL and Defi activity on chain - part of that is through our Telos Fuel Liquidity program which incentivizes partners and rewards users over the 14 month long period we have for the initiative. We just put forward a proposal on our chain which passed and allows us to allocate a lot of liquidity to the partners and protocols we work with for this proposal, and will be the start of a huge wave of Defi we have coming to the chain. We’ve already announced a partnership with ApeSwap that will do well to increase activity, and thats only one in a line of partners we have lined up. Would love to start a telegram group with your team and ours in order to discuss further if this seems interesting and hopefully get you all added to that list of partners as well!

You can also read more about the proposal here:

That sounds interesting.