Developer Liason

Could the OOKI Employed team benefit from hiring new employees? Where would those employees most be needed?

Could a liason between developers and the communication team help ease some burden on all of them?

I’m bringing this up here because it’s one I had with Ooki Dooki in regards to the TG Compensation Discussion. I am one of the wrecked ones often complaining there. I’m an Ooki holder and used to use fulcrum quite a bit.

What I’ve gathered from my deeper engagement into the Ooki community since Novembers hack is that a lot of communication seems to have a bit of a breakdown - especially in regards to making complicated development ideas, and implementations, merge with DeFi and then disseminated amongst users in a clear, updated and coherent way. Devs don’t have the time to communicate all the particularities of their work, and the community managers/communication teams have tasks that are separate from diving deeper into dev work.

My proposal is that, if OOKI is growing, and if it is growing its employees, that OOKI hires a developer liason who can keep feasible records and updates for the OOKI community of what they are doing and how it works, in a watered-down manner accessible to most people. This role would require someone with quite interdisciplinary skills, who knows development work but is also strong in writing up blog posts and presenting official reports; ie also a background in text construction, copywriting etc… This role preferably would also be able to create basic web stats and informative pages like Ooki stats.

I nominate myself for a role such as this because I believe I could help the team and I have all the skills necessary. My experience as a disgruntled user I think contributes an understanding of how some issues can be resolved as well. Of course, if there is someone else out there better suited for this work, that would be good since the main issue I am addressing here requires solving somehow. Or maybe you all disagree.

I think this is similar to that what Angelo is doing or not? The one who lead the community calls earlier. Or better said what he is doing too. He has other work too. Correct me if Im wrong.

It seems to me that the team is definitely understaffed and could do with more help in a number of areas.

I’d be interested in hearing from the team themselves what they think about staffing and where they feel they could use support (including in relation to the role proposed above).

The development team should be expanded at least 2x to start with because the development progress is almost nil.

Send me your CVs guys for review…

Dear OOKI Team, to have a better costumer interface could we get a app for ISO and Android?