Deploying Ooki Protocol to EVMOS

Ooki had a call yesterday with the EVMOS team to discuss deploying the Ooki protocol to Evmos. Evmos aims to be the EVM Hub of Cosmos. Evmos is an application-agnostic chain that will be interoperable with the Ethereum mainnet.

Evmos is planning to launch on mainnnet in April. Ooki would be the first margin trading, borrowing, and lending platform available on Evmos. By launching on Evmos, Ooki could apply for liquidity mining incentives to incentivize borrowing and lending activity on Ooki. Evmos is a growing blockchain likely to attract an influx in capital in the future.

Ooki stands to benefit by being able to offer users on Evmos the ability to participate in DeFi margin trading, borrowing, and lending. Due to Evmos being a EVM compatible chain, the time investment for Ooki to deploy on Evmos would be minimal. Ooki has previously developed deployment scripts to streamline the process of deploying on new chains.

If the Ooki community approves of this proposal it would proceed to snapshot, then onchain vote. The expected deployment would then occur around end of April as there are a few dependencies relating to Oracles that need to be launched on Evmos before Ooki can deploy.


We will be able also to apply for COSMOS dao liquidity mining incentive which might be very good for us

Quick, quick, it should have been here by now.

just do it! i support it

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Let’s do this! It should have been here already

It will be so good. I support this proposal so much. Thank you for your hard work. Good job team!!!

I support it! :+1: I think it will benefit us

Please implement. Thanks