Community and Marketing getting more 🔥

Hey frens :wave:

Love how you are all about the community here! And that is exactly why I’ve decided to reach out as I may have something interesting to explore for you.

So, we are actually building a platform that gathers all community data (from platforms like Discord, Twitter, Telegram, GitHub etcc), to create the end to end user journey across platforms and answer broader business questions like does my community contribute to product usage? or does it help with leadgen? How healthy is the community?

To achieve this, the platform gives you the ability to:

  • Score community interactions, monitor segments of users & activity rates
  • Surface top contributors and their specific community journeys
  • See what content + keywords resonate in your community (sentiment analysis, keywords tracking to know what are the community hot topics)

Hope that wasn’t too painful to read. If you prefer visuals, here is our webpage:

Looking forward and hoping to work together some day! #WAGMI