CFTC v. Ooki DAO Case No. 3:22-cv-05416-WHO – Additional items for service

Additional items pertaining to Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) against the Ooki DAO, Case No. 322-cv-05416-WHO have been served to you via the Ooki Help chat function of this website. Those items are labeled as Plaintiffs Motion for Alternative Service against Defendant with declaration (attachment 1) and proposed order (attachment 2) (docket 11); Plaintiff’s certificate of service (docket 12) and Administrative Motion to Supplement Plaintiff’s Motion for Alternative Service Against Defendant Ooki DAO with supplemental declaration (attachment 1), and proposed order (attachment 2) (docket 13). Please contact the CFTC at to discuss this matter further.

Hi, can you post any updates in the other thread please, so we keep it all together? Thank you.

Hi @CFTCENFORCEMENT, can you explain why you hid swap data till 2023? Which masters are you seeking to protect?

You are allowing Citadel, Susquehanna and Point72 to manipulate markets, sentiment, and artificially control prices.