Add a 'copy trade' feature to OOKI

Id like to see a ‘Copy Trade’ feature on OOKI, bringing in experienced traders to Ooki and allowing beginners to copy their trades.


Definitely a cool feature.

definitely a great idea. i’m sure some great traders could build a reputation score and charge others in OOKI to mimic their trades.

Copy trading is a very good feature it will help to increase more users

great idea, i’ll support it

man, this could be a great way for professional traders to earn passive income. rev share in ooki payments or a split from the underlying asset when withdrawing. great competitive advantage from centralized exchanges, I don’t believe trading platforms offer this feature.

Yes that quite a good feature

How should it be?

  • copy one trade or every trade from main trader (like automatise it)?
  • copy trades and cancel the trades when trader erase their positions?
  • how copy the trades from the investment of your wallet? How to calculate how much you want trade according with the amount of the main trader?
  • charging a percentage from the profits of every transaction? Or maybe charge a multiple of the fee network?
  • how would it work between chains?
  • filtering risky movement or trades you don’t want?
  • should main trader have a maximum of copy trades?
    …. (If someone could create a good proposal for copytrade to push this interesting feature it would be nice)

That is an interesting idea. but has to be tuned to blockchain realities. Probably we can monitor an wallet and you can manually copy/trade something like that

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It sounds good. Create a simply copytrade feature at the beginning, and maybe in the future (after having enough users using it) thinking about a more complex and awesome one.

Hey, good one, i’ll support